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Rdg 350 Uop Course Homework Aid Children's Literature /Complete Class

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RDG 350 UOP Course Homework Aid Children's Literature /Complete Class

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Week 1:
RDG 350 Week 1 Individual Favorite Book Share

Write a 350- to 700-word paper on your history as a reader of children’s literature.

Include answers to the following questions:
What do you remember most about reading children’s literature as a child?
What were the most positive and negative influences on your attitudes toward reading?
How did your reading interests and habits change as you progressed through school?
Do you consider yourself a reader now?
What characteristics would you like to develop as a reader?
What role did children’s literature play in facilitating your language and literacy development?

DQ 1:
Define children’s literature. (Please use our text's definition.) Cite two or three books you would label as children’s literature and explain your reasoning.

DQ 2:
What books do you regard as children’s classics? Explain your reasoning.

DQ 3:
What are at least three ways children’s literature facilitates students’ learning of content, language development, and improved reading abilities?

Week 2:

Individual Newbery and Caldecott Awards Summary

  Resources: American Library Association Web site (http://www.ala.org/) or the International Reading Association Web site (http://www.reading.org/General/Default.aspx) and Children’s Literature.
    Caldecott® Medal and Newbery® Medal Book Summaries (350 word minimum for each award) - Research the Caldecott® Medal and the Newbery® Medal Awards.   Choose and read one book honored by each of the awards (two books total).   In your summary, please give a history of each award; discuss whether or not you believe the book earned the award and why you think this is so, and your opinion about awarding literary materials (what should qualify, why or why not).   Remember to format your paper according to APA standards.

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