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Tell About the Time When You Changed from Being a Child to an Adult?

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            When I realize I wasn’t a child anymore I was an responsible adult was when I move out of my parents’ home. And gotten my own place, paying my own bills and etc, taking care of myself without the help of anyone. Once I achieve my goal to becoming a young adult if felt so great.

                After I graduate from high school I immediately went to college since I applied so late there wasn’t any dorm rooms left for me to live on campus. So I made the decision to get my own apartment. Yes I was very scared and nervous at the same time but I thought long and hard about my decision to grow up and be an responsible young adult and getting my own place.

                I already had my full time job I had always worked since I was sixteen years old. So I have a lot of work ethic. So I understood the fact for me to get anything I wanted and take care of business first I budget my income to where I wasn’t over budget nor under but enough to pay bills and save at the same time.

                Once I got the call back that I was approved for a one bedroom apartment. I was over excited about it I felt like a adult that I just accomplish a big step in life as an young adult. My family was so proud of me for making that decision. So I got my lights , water and etc. things I needed and somethings that can wait until I got my next pay check.

                 But when I receive the keys that was it had became an reality now I’m out on my own paying my own bills. Going to college providing for myself. It felt so comfortable coming to my own place that was mines. I couldn’t believe it I had taken the step of becoming an young responsible adult handling my business first before anything not spending my money on things that will be unnessary to buy pay all my bills first that’s being an adult and that’s when I realize I wasn’t a child anymore.


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