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Mat 116 Complete Course Material

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MAT 116 Complete Course Material
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MAT 116 Entire Course
MAT 116 Full Course

MAT 116 Week 1-9 Complete Course

MAT 116 Week 1 Discussion Question 1

What is the difference between an equation and an expression? Include an example of each. Can you solve for a variable in an expression? Explain your answer. Can you solve for a variable in an equation? Explain your answer. Write a mathematical phrase or sentence for your classmates to translate.

Mat 116 Week one DQ 1

What are the steps of the order of operations? Why is it important that you follow the steps rather than solve the problem from left to right? Write an expression for your classmates to simplify using at least three of the following: o Groupings: Parenthesis, brackets, or braces o Exponents o Multiplication or division o Addition or subtraction Consider participating in the discussion by simplifying a classmate’s expression, showing how the expression would be incorrectly simplified if computed from left to right, or challenging the class with a complicated expression. Respond to your initial post and provide your classmates with the answer to your expression.

Mat 116 Week one DQ 2

When simplifying expressions, what are some common mathematical operations many students find difficult? Please illustrate by providing an example.

MAT 116 Discussion Question 2

Explain a real-world problem that you used math to solve. What mathematical expressions did you use in your problem solving? Define your variables and explain your expression.

MAT 116 Discussion Question 4

Why is it important to follow the order of operations? What are some possible outcomes when the order of operations is ignored? If you invented a new notation where the order of operations was made clear, what would you do to make it clear?

MAT 116 Week 1 Discussion Question...


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