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Peter Albert Singer Area 51 Argumentative Essay

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Area 51 argumentative essay





Area 51 argumentative essay
Peter Albert Singer is a moral philosopher from Australia born on 6 July 1946. He is a professor at Princeton university in charge of bioethics and a professor of applied public ethics and philosophy at the University of Melbourne.   He approaches ethical issues from a utilitarian perspective, and he is famously known for his book animal liberation published in 1975 that theorised animal rights and animal liberation.   He supports utilitarianism and on two occasions, he has chaired the philosophy department at Monash University.
Area 51 is a facility in the remote detachment of Nevada that is a testing and training facility. The name area   51 was coined from Vietnam war. The base is restricted and is known to support developmental studies on experimental aircrafts and weapon systems. The restrictive nature of the facility has led to spread of conspiracy theories on unidentified flying objects (UFO’S) and medical testing on aliens that survived the crash in the 1950’s. Government scientists carry out reverse engineering alien technology and scientific, medical research on Aliens.
Basing this argument on Mary Anne Warren’s criteria of personhood and Peter singer’s logical moral animal rights/liberation theory, It is   not proper for humans to hold Aliens captives.   It is morally unacceptable to carry the involuntary scientific medal research on them. I do not support   this research on aliens primarily because they are noble creatures and meet every criterion of Mary Anne Warren’s criteria of personhood. The criteria states that a creature portraits the traits of a person if they have the following qualities: The capacity to communicate with one another by whatever means of messages of indefinite types on an indefinite number of topics (Warren, 2000). Aliens meet this criteria as they can communicate with each other in many ways, and are even able to use telepathy...


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