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Several Maintenance Tips of Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker

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Drilling equipment, will be frequently used vibrating screen, vibrating screen as oil drilling solids control system http://www.kosungroup.com/products/solids-control-system/arctic-solids-control-system.html is the most important essence of equipment, for the role of drilling operations is very large. While the KOSUN manufactured linear vibrating screen, when dealing with large displacement drilling more obvious advantages.

Linear motion shaker output strong exciting force, the rapid removal of a large number of solid phase through efficient linear vibration trajectory, drilling fluid can effectively remove large particles. As the first stage of purification of the drilling fluid, shaker is the role of the drilling fluid from the well head back to the larger particles larger than 70μm removed, and no broken, so that the next stage of drilling fluid purification device further purification.

Shale shaker http://www.kosun.us/solids-control-equipment/shale-shaker.html performance will directly affect the quality of the first inter-level processing, the play on the lower purification device performance also have a great impact.

Now commonly used in the drilling fluid shale shaker structure, it works basically the same, that the high-speed rotation of the eccentric shaft driven by an electric motor, generating a strong centrifugal force eccentric shaft rotates in an elastic oscillator, so fixed to the frame of a stainless steel screen cloth to high the frequency of the vibration, the larger screen of the drilling cuttings. The following analysis by the Branch Motion to introduce our maintenance and Troubleshooting shale shaker of reasons.

Shale shaker maintenance:
1.Using the process of shale shaker is best to use multiple shaker used interchangeably, so not only can improve bearing life, for extended screen and some other parts of life is also very effective.
2.During use, if we find there is the phenomenon of mud paste network, must be promptly wash,...


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