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Bus 230 Wk 4 Quiz Chapter 5 , 6 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 230 WK 4 Quiz Chapter 5 ,6 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 230 WK 5 Quiz Chapter 5,6 - All Possible Questions

1. One of the most fundamental and critical decisions in any organization is, should we:

a. have a single source or multiple sources for a specific purchase?
b. order small quantities to avoid carrying costs or large quantities to get volume discounts?
c. switch suppliers because of a slight price discount from a potential supplier?
d. make or buy the needed good or service?
e. enter into a long- or short-term agreement with a supplier?
2. When a team has decided that a task or function currently performed by company employees is not a core competency, the team will probably recommend:

a. insourcing.
b. outsourcing.
c. continuing to make.
d. continuing to buy.
e. near-sourcing..
3. Deciding what represents a core competency in an organization is:

a. a decision best left to the organization’s Board of Directors.
b. a decision best left to the Chief Executive Officer.
c. always the same for companies in the same industry.
d. a fairly easy decision once organizational goals and objectives are known.
e. often a fairly complex decision and a function of many factors.

4. Outsourcing of services is:

a. unrealistic because of the difficulty in measuring and evaluating the performance of service providers.
b. realistic if the internal users and the buyer can carefully define service requirements and quality expectations.
c. declining in popularity because of buyers’ dissatisfaction with most third party service providers.
d. realistic because of the ease in measuring and evaluating performance of service providers.
e. realistic because it is relatively easy to define service requirements and measure the quality of a service provider.
5. Currently, managements tend toward:

a. making rather than...


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