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Bus 230 Wk 6 Quiz Chapter 7 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 230 WK 6 Quiz Chapter 7 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 230 WK 6 Quiz Chapter 7 - All Possible Questions

1. Determination of the “best buy” is based on:

a. technical considerations.
b. quality issues.
c. a balance between price and quality.
d. an individual buyer’s perceptions.
e. a balance of requirements of marketing, engineering, operations, and supply
2.. ISO 9001:2008 provides a tested framework for a systematic approach to consistently delivering product that satisfies customers’ expectations by managing:

a. supplier relationships.
b. total cost of ownership.
c. process capability.
d. six sigma.
e. organizational processes.
3. A sampling technique that is based on the cumulative effect of information that every additional item in the sample adds as it is inspected is called:

a. random sampling.
b. sequential sampling.
c. 100 percent testing.
d. cumulative sampling.
e. additive testing.

4. A process is capable when:

1. the supplier can predict the future distributions about the mean.
2. common causes are eliminated through process change.
3. it averages a set number of standard deviations within the specifications.
4. it produces the same exact result each time the activity is performed.
5. random causes are detected by statistical process controls and eliminated.
5. The role and responsibilities of supply may contribute to the containment of the cost of poor quality by addressing:

a. prevention costs
b. appraisal costs
c. internal costs
d. external costs
e. all of the above.
6. A six sigma (6σ) approach to quality:

a. focuses on preventing defects by using customer feedback.
b. means there are no more than 6 defects per million opportunities.
c. was developed by Japanese companies in the 1950s..
d. is very close to zero defects.
e. has soft goals such as happier customers and...


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