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Bus 230 Wk 11 Quiz Chapter 14 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 230 WK 11 Quiz Chapter 14 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 230 WK 11 Quiz Chapter 14 - All Possible Questions

1. When there is a large number of common requirements across facilities or
business units, and the supply base is dispersed geographically, an appropriate global sourcing structure is:

a. a global commodity management organization.
b. regional purchasing offices that manage the region’s spend for every commodity.
c. a centralized international purchasing office equidistant from key suppliers.
d. a centrally managed global sourcing office located in the corporate headquarters.
e. a decentralized structure where purchasing managers are at each facility.
2. A foreign trade zone (FTZ) in the U. S.:

a. facilitates rapid calculation of import duties.
b. facilitates rapid calculation and payment of import duties.
c. creates and maintains jobs in the United States that might have gone offshore.
d. is completely different in purpose from a maquiladora in Mexico.
a. must use only goods made in the U. S. according to the Buy America Act.
3. When sourcing internationally:

a. the buyer should learn about the culture, customs, norms, taboos, and history of the supplier’s country.
b. the need for personal space is generally the same in most regions of the world.
c. the global availability and use of email, fax, and phone has largely eliminated communication barriers.
d. differing cultural and social norms will have little impact since most businesspeople are accustomed to working with North Americans.
a. the buyer should immediately establish an informal first-name basis with the supplier’s representatives.

4. The United Nations Convention for the International Sale of Goods (CISG):

a. is automatically applied if both nations have adopted the CISG, unless another body of law is agreed upon in the contract.


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