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Bus 405 Wk 4 Quiz 3 Chapter 4,5 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 405 WK 4 Quiz 3 Chapter 4,5 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 405 WK 4 Quiz 3 Chapter 4,5 - All Possible Questions


1. Craft unions have less independence from their national union headquarters than industrial unions.

2. The supreme governing body for the international union is its convention.

3. The practice of double-breasting is legal under the National Labor Relations Act.

4. The convention makes use of the delegate system, in which the number of delegates allowed depends on the number of members in the local.

5. The business agent is a key position in a craft union and provides many of the same services of a local union president in a large industrial union.

6. Most union presidents have restricted authority to appoint their staff, regulate locals, and direct the activities of the national union

7. The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations now includes all of the major U.S. labor unions.

8. The international union representative, in addition to organizing new unions, also helps the local unions in grievance administration and labor arbitration.

9. Unions as organizations are fundamentally the same as business organizations.

10. The potential advantages of a merger of two unions, compared with the risks of not merging, suggest that mergers of unions will continue in the future.

11. Attendance at local union meetings often varies between fifty and sixty percent of the membership.

12. Joint councils involve groupings of conference boards that have common goals, employers, and interests.

13. Because construction takes place throughout the nation, craft unions have decided to expand the scope of their labor agreements to national coverage.

14. If you are a member of an AFL-CIO affiliated union, then you are a member of the AFL-CIO.

15. Double-breasting is a practice employed by a company with a "union-avoidance" strategy.

16. While...


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