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Operation Points and Notes of Vertical Roller Mill

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Operation Points and Notes of Vertical roller mill
Vertical roller mill is a crusher machine with pretty wide application such as in wear-resistant materials and abrasive material industry. In the using process of this crusher, there are a few points that need your attention, such as the crushing circuit and installation problem of the crushing machine.

Materials are firstly coarsely crushed to below 30mm by jaw crusher machine, and then stored in material cabin by bucket elevator. After evenly sent by vibrating feeder under the storage bin to Vertical roller mill and crushed by this machine, materials will be sent by conveyor belt to screen equipment for classification. Final products will be gathered, conveyed, magnetically separated, packed and stored, and materials larger than the granularity of final products will be returned to vertical impactor crusher for circular processing.

This process is the technical process of common processing plant, and the basic installation method includes flat installation method and space installation method. The form type adopts belt conveyor for conveyance and has no requirement for space height, but it has big floor space, bad sealing property and heavy dust pollution, so that it is suitable for the company whose processing place is flat. The latter adopts bucket elevator for conveyance, and it has small floor space, good sealing property and little dust, but it has high requirement for space height, so that it is suitable for company whose processing plant is small.

Different companies can install the machine according to the specific topography and different requirements of products. Generally speaking, if the output is high, it is better to choose flat installation method, and the abrasive material industry usually has low output and high price, so it generally adopt space installation method for the convenience of sealing and recycling ultrafine powders.
Notes when Using vertical roller mill:
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