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High-Speed Vertical Centrifuge for Maximum in Liquid/Solid Separation

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The KOSUN Vertical Centrifuge http://www.kosun.us/drilling-waste-management/vertical-centrifuge.html returns and recycles large percentages of SBM ( Synthetic Base Mud ) and OBM ( Oil Base Mud ) to an active system which in the past was lost as waste products to the environment. KOSUN Vertical Centrifuge can reduce total discharged OOC below 6%, which is currently the discharge limit in many areas of the world, our goal is 5% total OBM discharge to the environment, and even further.

High-speed Centrifuge for Maximum in Liquid/Solid Separation
The vertical centrifuge incorporates a high-speed vertical centrifuge that achieves maximum liquid/solid separation in large-volume processing. This mechanism makes the VERTI-G dryer http://www.kosun.us/drilling-waste-management/vertical-centrifuge.html one of the industry’s best performing and most dependable cutting dryers. The VERTI-G dryer gives operators a critical advantage in meeting increasingly stringent environmental rules for cuttings disposal. The flow of cuttings into the VERTI-G dryer is PLC-controlled and continuously fed to yield optimum liquid/ solid separation. Once cuttings are introduced into the dryer’s charge hopper, widely spaced, independently adjustable flights continuously direct cuttings to the shaker screen http://www.kosungroup.com/products/product-accessories/screen.html surface. Flights are tungsten carbide coated to reduce abrasion and ensure optimum tolerance.

The effective equipment for drilling cuttings disposal is vertical cutting dryer which can reduce the amount of OBM or SBM on cuttings discharge to reduce waste volume. Vertical cutting dryer uses centrifugal force to dry drilled cuttings coming from shale shaker or mud cleaners. The cuttings are conveyed to the dryer through vacuum transfer or screw coneyer http://www.kosungroup.com/products/drilling-waste-management/screw-conveyor.html. Once cuttings are introduced into the dryer' s charge hopper, the widely spaced, adjustable...


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