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The Steps of Time Management

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THE STEPS OF TIME MANAGEMENT                                                                     1

The Steps of Time Management
Altrice Parker
CSS 101
July 28, 2015
G. Shelton Martin

The Steps of Time Management                                                                                     2

The Steps of Time Management

    Life is often what happens to you along the way when you have planned otherwise because there are time wasters out there to throw you off track. Your performance may not always match your intentions. To help you to increase your productivity each and every day. Here are some easy tips to overcome the major time wasters to help you stop wasting time.
Melody Hessing in “More than Clockwork” Sociological Perspectives examines how people organize their lives to accomplish their many tasks. Specifically Hessing found that people use the following time management strategies: Plan your day, Control procrastination, and Delegate it.
Plan your day. Set aside time each night for daily planning, a time for you to take control of your most important asset, the next 24 hours. Create a “to do” list with all the things you “have to” do and, more importantly, all the things you “want to” do. Don’t be afraid of putting down too much. A project tends to expand with the time available for it.
The easiest way to avoid procrastination in your day is to do the daily planning each day. Without a plan of action to direct you, you are often drawn to the things that are easier or to the most urgent items that may not be important use of your time. You can easily get caught up in “stuff”, wasting time majoring in the minor things, spinning in the unimportant areas while the important things get put off. Hessings also quoted “People with both paid and household responsibilities must appear to be successful in accomplishing both or they risk censure or criticism.
The Steps of Time Management
    If you had unlimited amounts of time, you could...


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