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The Eternal Observer

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One of the most controversial debates amongst religious followers of any belief is whether their eternal God is either a timeless being, not influenced by our modern society and technologies, or is an everlasting deity that transcends time absolutely. To even attempt to decide, one must first understand what it means to be timeless or everlasting. According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, the term timeless is defined as “not appearing to be affected by the passing of time or by changes in fashion…existing or continuing forever” (Timeless). To clarify, something that is truly timeless will never change from aging nor outside influence, thus its form remaining unaltered since the beginning of its existence. A simple yet solid example would be a mere stone never to be disturbed. As for the term everlasting, the same dictionary states “lasting forever or for a very long time” (Everlasting). One could interpret that whatever may the thing/entity be, it had a beginning and continued to live as time progressed throughout the ages, yet could never be influenced nor possibly die. At this point it would seem that the two words in question have almost the same meaning. To realize the raw difference, let us observe the words of an Italian philosopher and Catholic priest named Thomas Aquinas. “He who goes along the road does not see those who come after him; whereas he who sees the whole road from a height sees at once all those traveling on it” (Courtney). It is from this context that the question of God’s eternality can be properly debated. Therefore, it is also from these words that the argument in favor of God being timeless shall be what I will attempt to prove.
Let us first observe the prologue to the creation of the universe. Due to the innumerable religions in this world, I will only be using Christianity for my reasoning because it is the largest and most known. The following is the very first eight verses in the Bible:
“In the beginning God created...


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