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Paragraph Development

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Written Assignment 1

Paragraph development

Paragraph 1

Internet addiction is becoming an increasingly serious problem for many university students. It is widely known that internet is the biggest source of information in the world. The students, who may are absorbed in entertainment, can find their interests in the internet or suffering from too much informations. Sometimes while reading newspaper, it can be found that more and more student have to leave school because of addicting to the internet games. Especially, it happened a lot in the university, because students have many spare time and they can independently decide what they want to do. It seems obvious that internet is becoming a problem to effect students’ study in the university.

Paragraph 2

An important decision that students have to make when embarking on university study is whether to choose campus accommodation or whether to rent a house or room off campus. The place where you live may effect student’s study efficiency. There are two main problems. Firstly, because of noise from their roommate or neighbor, they cannot have enough time to rest which may cause some students sleeping in the class. And the other problem is that some of them may fell lonely, if they cannot communicate well with each other. So finding some closed friends to live together will be a good way to solve this problem. Therefore choose the place where they want to live is the important thing before they go to study in the university.

Paragraph 3

Studying for a university degree in a foreign country has both benefits and drawbacks. Nowadays, there are more and more students choose to study abroad. It is useful for improving language skills, learning other countries’ culture and studying advanced knowledge. But arguably studying in a foreign university also have some problems. In the first place, students have to adapt to the different lifestyles and ways of thinking, which may cause many embarrassed...


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