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Two Ancient Civilizations

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Abstract: The Parallel between Two Ancient Civilizations That Could Have Not Possibly Communicated During Their Existence.
This abstract investigates the possibility as to how the ancient Egyptian and Mayan civilizations could have developed similar knowledge and discoveries on medicine. The method of analysis was to take in consideration the history of both civilizations and point out the parallel seen in their medical discoveries for example, the herbs used to heal, abscessed teeth cured, viewpoint on how medical, or surgical procedures should be performed. The conclusion drawn to the question is that these two civilizations could have not possibly communicated not even by sea travel or by the usage of reed boats. One implication that can be made is that they both developed similar knowledge because it was out of human nature and need to research ways to cure and heal the wounded in order to maintain the population number high.

Introduction + Research Question
I have always had an interest for medicine. For as long as I can remember it has fascinated me by the way it manipulates and cures, but a different perspective of medicine was introduced to me in the seventh grade that made me curious. In history class a new unit based on ancient civilizations was presented roughly half way through the school year. The unit became more interesting as medicine was intertwined in the daily lessons. To me the medicine of the ancient Egyptian and Mayan civilization drew my attention the most because these were two civilizations had developed almost identical practices based on medicine and healing. People from both of these civilizations utilized similar procedures as well as those that doctors performed on humans with the thought that they would cure the ill or wounded. It is quite complex to understand how two civilizations could have possibly discovered similar curing techniques. They were both long far distant from each other and there was no possible way of...


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