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Chronic diseases are long- term diseases that are not contagious and largely preventable. They are the most common cause of death in the world and present a great burden for society particularly diseases such as breast cancer diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Eating a well balanced diet can help reduce people’s chances of enduring chronic diseases such as   cancer diabetes and cardiovascular disease while at the same time helping them promote a healthy and longer lifestyle. Implementing more vegetables fruits and whole grains in[change to “into” a diet] a diet can be the way to a longer healthier life for people of any age.
Lifestyle changes have been seen in studies to decrease cancer risk even in high-risk women. One of the lifestyle changes that can help reduce the risk of cancer is eating a well-balanced diet. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains can help reduce a person [Add apostrophe person’s chances of cancer]   chances of cancer. The expert panel of the World Cancer Research Fund found that dieting improperly cause [causes] around one-third of all cancers deaths. It suggest[add “s”] dietary diversity to increase the likely hood of increasing balanced as well as more sufficient diets. There was compelling evidence of a well balanced diet or dietary protection against cancer of many portables. The evidence was more compatible for diets with more fruit and vegetables. In Australia in 1995 about 44% of males and 34% of females did not eat fruit for 24 hours prior to the National Nutrition Survey results show that only one in five Australian adults met the recommended 5 or more servings of vegetables each day and approximately one in two met the 2 servings each day recommended for fruit. This study helps prove how implementing more fruits and vegetables in one’s well balanced diet can be very helpful in reducing a person’s risk of cancer. [Assertions need support with sufficient evidence.] Where do you plan to place citations in...


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