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Law 531 Wk 6

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LAW 531 Week 6 Quiz

1.)    Three of the largest automobile dealers agreed among themselves as to what price they would pay to manufacturers for windshields to put in new vehicles. Would this constitute illegal price fixing? If so, what kind?
 Yes. This is both buyers’ and sellers’ illegal per se price fixing.
 No. This is not illegal price fixing.
 Yes. This is sellers’ illegal per se price fixing.
 Yes. This is buyers’ illegal per se price fixing.
2.)    ________ is a clause in an international contract that designates which nation's laws will be applied in deciding a dispute arising out of the contract.
 Equal Protection Clause
 Choice of law clause
 Forum-selection clause
 Supremacy Clause
3.)    Which of the following is provided under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act?
It regulates commerce between the United States and foreign nations.
 It exclusively governs suits against foreign nations that are brought in courts in the United States.
 It stipulates the rules for conflict resolution among the DR-CAFTA members.
 It endows the president with powers to enter into treaties with foreign nations
4.)    Negotiators from which of the following nations signed the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1992?
 The United States, Mexico, and Canada
 The United States and Mexico
 The United States, Mexico, and Panama
 The United States and Canada
5.)    Which of the following is a restraint of trade in which a seller refuses to sell one product to a customer unless the customer agrees to purchase a second product from the seller?
 Price fixing
 Group boycott
 Tying arrangement
 Predatory pricing
6.)    Which of the following is required under the Biosafety Protocol sponsored by the United Nations in the year 2000?
 All genetically altered foods must be clearly labeled as such.
 Genetically altered foods must be shipped in separate containers from foods that are not genetically altered.
 Nations are free to prohibit the import of...


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