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Mkt 571 Week 5 Quiz Complete Assignment Help

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1.What function does a company's public relations department perform when it promotes understanding of the organization through internal and external communications?
• Press relations
• Product publicity
• Corporate communications
• Counseling

2.Rachel and Josh are on vacation in Hawaii. When they arrived at the hotel, they were offered chilled juice. Their check-in formalities were handled by the staff. When they entered their room, they saw that chocolates had been placed on the pillows and a flower arrangement on the table. The hotel's actions are an example of
• customer lifetime value
• customer value analysis
• a customer touch point
• customer perceived value

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3.Selective price cuts, intense promotional blitzes, and occasional legal action are commonplace in the strategic design of
• a bypass attack
• a frontal attack
• an encirclement attack
• guerilla warfare

4.An insider trading crisis for an organization is what type of public relations crisis?
• Intentional event
• Unintentional event
• Act of nature
• Act of upheaval

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5.Which of the following circumstances are best suited for the use of personal selling?
• When there is minimal risk involved in buying or using the products
• When the market has fewer and larger sellers
• When prospective customers are spread across a wide geographic area
• When the products used are simple and easy-to-use

6.________ is based on the premise that marketers can no longer use interruption marketing via mass media campaigns.
• Database marketing
• Relationship marketing
• Internet marketing
• Permission marketing

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7.When Starbucks introduced its Tazo Tea line to bring in new customers who had never gone to Starbucks because they don't drink coffee, Starbucks was employing a ________ strategy.
• new-market segment


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