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Acct 567 Uop Course Entire Course (Keller)

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ACCT 567 UOP Course   Entire Course (Keller)
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ACCT567 Week 1 Exercise 1-3
ACCT567 Week 1 Exercise 2-3 and 2-5
ACCT567 Week 2 Case Study I
ACCT567 Week 2 Problems 3-9 and 4-4, 4-6, 4-10
ACCT567 Week 3 Problems 5-3 and 6-5
ACCT567 Week 3 Test All Questions and Answers
ACCT567 Week 4 Midterm Exam
ACCT567 Week 4 Problems 7-3 and 7-8
ACCT567 Week 5 Case Study City of Shipley
ACCT567 Week 5 Homework Case study
ACCT567 Week 5 Problems 8-4 and 9-4
ACCT567 Week 5 Test All Questions and Answers
ACCT567 Week 6 Problem 12-4
ACCT567 Week 7 Problems 16-3 and 17-6
ACCT567 Week 8 Final Exam
ACCT 567 Week 3 Problems 5-3 and 6-5
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Make all necessary entries in the appropriate governmental fund general journal and the government-wide governmental activities general journal for each of the following transactions entered into by the City of Fordache.
1. The city received a donation of land that is to be used by Parks and Recreation for a park. At the time of the donation, the land had a fair value of $5,200,000 and was recorded on the donor’s books at a historical cost of $4,500,000.
2. The Public Works Department sold machinery with a historical cost of $35,100 and accumulated depreciation of $28,700 for $6,400. The machinery had originally been purchased with special revenue funds.
3. A car was leased for the mayor’s use. Since the term of the lease exceeded 75 percent of the useful life of the car, the lease was capitalized. The first payment was $550 and the present value of the remaining lease payments was $30,000.
4. During the current year, a capital projects fund completed a new public safety building that was started in the prior year. The total cost of the project was $9,720,000. Financing for...


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