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Hrm 310 Uop Course Homework Aid Complete Class All Assignments and Dqs

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HRM 310 UOP Course Homework Aid Complete Class All Assignments and DQs

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Week 1:

Individual Assignment Reasons for Change Paper
DQ 1:

What are some of the sources or reasons an organization must change? Provide an  
example of an organization that has seen change. What was the reason for the change?  
Were there any opportunities gained from the change?

DQ 2:

Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of the three change models. Explain  
when each of the models should be used and why?

Week 2:

Learning Team Assignment Change Management Memo

Select one team member’s current or past work organization to complete this project.  
If no organizations are available, you can use one of the Virtual Organizations found  
on your student Web site to complete this assignment.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word memo from a midlevel manager to his or her supervisory team  
in response to a change that is about to take place within the organization such as a  
move to a new location, added technology, streamlining of the workforce with more  
responsibilities shared, and so forth. Address the following:

Discuss the type of change involved.

Compare change models that the organization could use for this situation.

Make a recommendation for a change model and explain why this change model is best for  
this situation.

Format your memo consistent with APA guidelines.

DQ 1:

What advantages does the project management approach provide when used during a  
change? Provide an example of when you have seen or read about this approach used  
during change.

DQ 2:

How can meeting the challenge of change become an organizational opportunity? Provide  
an example of an organization that used change as an opportunity

Week 3:

Individual Assignment Change Proposal



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