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• Eth 321 Week 2 Knowledge Check

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• ETH 321 Week 2 Knowledge Check


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• 1.Identify the true statement about a claim of defamation
A statement must have the ability to hurt the reputation of an individual in order to qualify as defamatory.
A statement does not have to be heard by a third party in order to qualify as defamatory.
An unkind statement made against a profession as a whole is also considered defamatory.
A statement should be based on pure opinion to qualify as defamatory

2.Who among the following is given absolute privilege or immunity against defamation?
Journalists while covering the news
Employers while recruiting new employees
Business owners during press conferences
Congress members during congressional debates

3.Delta Inc. has filed a lawsuit against one of its new franchisees for providing false information about the amount of its profits it would give to Delta every month. Delta has also ascertained that the incorrect information caused pecuniary damages to Delta as well as damages to its reputation. What type of business tort is illustrated in the scenario?
Fraudulent misrepresentation
Tortious interference with existing contractual relationship

4.What is likely to make a plaintiff's case stronger in a negligence lawsuit?
Use of the assumption of risk
Absence of a safety statute
Occurrence of misfeasance
Absence of proximate cause

5.In cases of negligence, what is one problem in applying the but for test?
It may result in holding a tortfeasor responsible for injuries that were not foreseeable.
It relieves a defendant of all liabilities, ruling that the defendant did not owe a duty of care to the plaintiff.
It may result in limiting the liability on a defendant in cases where the plaintiff, in some way, was also responsible for the...


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