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Soc 105 Uop Course Homework Aid Introduction to Popular American Culture /Complete Assignments

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SOC 105 UOP Course Homework Aid Introduction to Popular American Culture /Complete Assignments

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SOC 105 Week 1 Individual Assignment American Popular Culture
Individual Assignment: Popular American Culture Paper
• Record your interactions with popular culture by documenting different ways that you consume popular culture. Examples might include, but are not limited to, what television shows you watch and why, the types of clothes you like to wear and what they say about you, or what magazines you buy and why.  
• Prepare a 350- to 700-word paper in which you examine popular American culture. In your essay, answer the following questions:
o What is culture? What is popular culture?
o What are three major trends in popular American culture?
o How does popular American culture affect personal decision making?  
• Include the journaling activity with your essay submission.
• Format your papers consistent with APA guidelines.

SOC 105 Week 2 Individual Assignment Consumption and Mass Media Worksheet
1. Material: Consumption and Mass Media Worksheet, available on your student Individual Assignment: Consumption and Mass Media Worksheet
• Complete the University of Phoenix website.
• Provide your responses on the worksheet.
Use compete sentences in your responses
SOC 105 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Popular Music Presentation - Hip Hop Cultural Influence
Learning Team Assignment: Popular Music Presentation
• Choose a genre of popular music and trace its history and development in popular culture.
• Prepare a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that addresses the following questions:
o What are the cultural influences of the music? Does the music come from a particular time or region that makes it unique? What is the cultural...


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