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A False Norse Mythology - an Alternative Norse Mythology?

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Alternative Norse Mythology or wrong Norse mythology?

I have some years ago published a dictionary about Norse Mythology. I have worked with this book for seventeen years (well not each and every day of course) and my oldest notes go back to 1970. I have not the same structure of the book as most other dictionaries. My dictionary is divided into different chapters and different themes and is not running from “a” to “z” as most others dictionary of this kind, and the book is 297 pages long. I have during the years made different versions of this book and the found it necessary to revise and expand them time by time. My goal has been to make a dictionary of Norse Mythology which includes absolutely everything of facts, in a correct way. I can not boast that I have achieved this 100 %, but at least about 98 %. This has demanded many working hours, but of course everybody ought to have a hobby.
Some years ago I thought I was finished for always with Norse Mythology because I had found, at least very close to, everything it is possible to find about facts and names in Norse Mythology. Great was my surprise when I some years ago discovered some dictionaries, or more likely encyclopaedias, about “all the world mythology”, mostly published in U.S.A, which also included facts about Norse Mythology. But this information was quite different from what I knew about Norse Mythology. There where, for example, many gods and goddesses I never had heard about, and there where references to myths I had never heard about, even the spelling of the names and the family-relations between the persons in the myths where quite different. At least 70% - 80% of the information was completely wrong. In dictionaries like this, you may expect some wrong presented facts now and then. It`s not possible to avoid this. But here most of the information is totally different from what you are used to. This is more like one or many completely different versions of Norse Mythology.
Later I tried to...


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