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Kiln Workshop Configuration Introduction

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Depending on the process and characteristics of the cement plant, as well as the specific location of the workshop rotary kiln, a total number of field control station, a number of operator stations Quarry Crusher, a station engineer to achieve from raw material to finished cement factory computer control.
2.1 kiln site controller
site controller main task is to carry out the data acquisition and processing; according to the control program to implement real-time process control amount; testing and diagnostic equipment monitoring and systems. Site controller contains the following main elements: raw material preparation and limestone pre-homogenization, raw material grinding, raw material ingredient, waste gas treatment, kiln decomposition temperature scanning cylinder firing kiln control, see the fire kiln, coal mill control, clinker ingredients, cement grinding and transportation and so on. Depending on the circumstances composed of them several site controller.
2.2 kiln operator workstation
whole plant located several sets of operator stations, it is a condition of the whole production line to monitor, control and operation of the human interface, mainly to complete the archive display data, graphics and status, historical data, fault recording, fault status display, start report printing and process equipment selection, the motor into a group or stand-alone, stop Quarry Crusher, stop, reset and data given and other control operations. Each operator workstation can backup each other.
2.3 engineer station
kiln system engineer to configure a station, you can call anytime to check equipment operation and operation of the entire production process, such as: consumption, coal consumption, production, equipment operation rate, various types of trend chart production and system for analyzing data. It can also be used to develop the preparation of project operator workstation application software, and both feature the operator station.
kiln system software...


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