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Netw 561 Entire Course Wireless Technology April 2015 Keller

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NETW 561 Entire Course Wireless Technology   April 2015 Keller

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NETW 561 Course Project Proposal Week 2 and Project Week 7 Wireless Technology Keller A +

The objective of the project is to recommend an upgraded wireless technology for a major telecommunication carrier. This is an individual project.
The course project will involve producing a professional and well-cited research report that will be due in Week 7. The report should propel management and investors to deploy services and compete against other wireless carriers.
Scenario: You are an independent consultant. You have been hired to prepare a recommendation to management on when, if at all, they should begin to deploy 4G next generation services.
The course project shall consist of a single solution: CDMA, GSM, GPRS, CDMA2000, or UMTS mobile wireless project (you decide which is the correct technology). PCS spectrum has been won in a fictional nation’s lottery, with the promise of a very quick deployment and cost-effective service by you and another competitor. The nation is a protectorate of the United States, using similar laws, language, and technology; there are no political barriers or rules that should be of concern to your company. There is a single existing 800 MHz TDMA cellular competitor with service in all 16 cities, but there is coverage-blocking issues coupled with very high charges and no wireless data services whatsoever! The nation has awarded two sets of licenses to you and another company to roll out a deployment that offers cost-effective service to their citizens…
NETW 561 Course Project Proposal Week 2 Wireless Technology Keller

Optimum Systems Incorporation is a software-based networking solutions and broadband provider that is looking into ways of providing faster and more cost-effective broadband...


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