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Ppa 403 Entire Course Administrative Law All Dqs , Quizzes and Final Paper

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PPA 403 Entire Course   Administrative Law
All DQs ,Quizzes and Final Paper

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All DQs ,Quizzes and Final Paper

Values in Administrative Law.

In the study of administrative law it is useful to differentiate the major valuesthat drive administrative policies. These include (a) promoting personal safety, (b) assuring social and economic justice, and (c) reallocating wealth. Think of an agency or program in government that illustrates each of these values and offer it in this discussion. Where, for example, does OSHA’s regulation of toxic substances in the workplace fit in this scheme? Which of these values figure into the government programs in the three cases in Chapter 2 of your text? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

The Federal Register.

As you read in Chapter 1 of your text, the federal bureaucracy issues thousands of administrative rules and policy statements each year. Visit The Office of the Federal Register online to view a recent Federal Register (the document in which agency actions are published) and go through the online tutorial. For this discussion, select an item posted in the Federal Register you have reviewed, then offer a summary and explain how it represents qualities of improving public safety, correcting a free market failure, or correcting inefficiency in an administrative process. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

Constitutional Limits on Agencies.

There are several constitutional limitations on government agency power in order to protect and preserve individual rights. Let us consider two of these: the freedom to contract and private property rights. Citing the text, respond to the following question: How is the“freedom of contract” limitation on regulatory power under the due process clause both similar and...


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