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Ethc 445 Week 8 Final Exam (Mcq, S & Essay)

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ETHC 445   Week 8 Final Exam (MCQ,s & Essay)

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ETHC 445 Week 8 Final Exam (MCQ,s & Essay)
1. (TCOs 2, 4, 5, 6)The idea that the assisted suicide of terminally ill patients should be allowed simply at the patient’s direction reflects what type of ethics? (Points : 5)
2. (TCOs 1, 2, 7)What is the moral ideal of temperance? (Points : 5)
3. (TCOs 1, 2)One of the common errors in Ethics is that of the hasty conclusions. Hasty conclusions consist of what? (Points : 5)
4. (TCO 2)Prescriptive language is commonly used in ethics for what reason? (Points : 5)
5. (TCOs 7, 8)Ethical Egoism proposes that all decisions should be made to…? (Points : 5)
6. (TCOs 2, 4, 9)Free people are motivated toward forming social structures according to a social contract in order to overcome what problem identified by Thomas Hobbes? (Points : 5)
7. (TCOs 3, 6)Agricultural biofuels are not properly a renewable source of energy in the environmental ethics debate. Which of the following also is not a renewable….? (Points : 5)
8. (TCOs 3, 6, 7)The notion that the only thing good without qualification is a good will is attributed to whom? (Points : 5)
9. (TCOs 8, 9)Which ethical concept is organized and directed toward following the greatest happiness principle? (Points : 5)
10. (TCOs 3, 6, 7)Syllogisms in formal deductive logic are called “valid” when: (Points : 5)
11. (TCOs 1, 2)When choosing one course of action while working with a dilemma, the other courses of action are lost and become unavailable. This makes ethical choices in dilemma situations particularly what? (Points : 5)
12. (TCOs 1, 2, 7)What is the role of conscience as Thomas Aquinas sees it? (Points : 5)
13. (TCOs 2, 8)The rule or principle to be applied in making decisions is an example of which kind of ethical discovery process? (Points : 5)
14. (TCOs 1, 2, 5)The...


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