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Cis 329 Week 8 Quiz 3

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CIS 329     Week 8 Quiz 3
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Time Elapsed 1 hour, 28 minutes out of 2 hours.
Instructions This quiz consists of 25 multiple choice questions and covers the material in Lessons 14 through 18. There are five questions from each lesson.
• Question 1
2 out of 2 points

How do you start the process to modify the default homegroup sharing configuration?

• Question 2
2 out of 2 points

Which of the following statements is true of Public folder sharing?

• Question 3
0 out of 2 points

For users at home, which file sharing is most likely the simplest to setup and use?

• Question 4
2 out of 2 points

What is the net effect of the following combination of share and NTFS permissions when the share is accessed over the network?
•       Share permission (Share tab)—Sales group: Full Control
•       NTFS permission (Security tab)—Sales group: Read & Execute, Modify, Write

• Question 5
2 out of 2 points

It is possible to create a share that is invisible to users browsing the network simply by appending what character to the end of the share name?

• Question 6
2 out of 2 points

What is the maximum support file name length in the NTFS file system?

• Question 7
2 out of 2 points

When deciding what your auditing policy should be, there are some key things to consider to help you decide which computers, resources, and events you want to audit. Which of the items listed is not one of the items typically considered?
• Question 8
2 out of 2 points

If you apply a change to a folder to enable EFS for the folder only, what happens to the files currently in the folder?

• Question 9

Regarding NTFS permissions, when you move NTFS files or folders from one volume to another, which of the following statements is true?

• Question 10
2 out of 2 points

When using...


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