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Nervous Conditions: Tambu's Change in Chapter 4

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English literature
Nervous conditions
How did Tambu’s feelings changed in chapter 4?
Tambu, who dreamed to appear on her brothers place faced things which she would never expect to happen, when her dreams came true. Her relation to everything what she thought she knew so well before has been changed.
Nothing was more exiting for Tambu then a moment she set into Babamukurus car, and felt the emancipation of all the burdens she will leave behind as soon as engine will start. “My horizons were saturated with me, my leaving, my going” She repeats for herself as she can hardly believe that it is really   happening to her. She couldn’t exactly know what waiting for her at the Babamukurus place, but the idea of ended every day fighting for survival in bad conditions which were there at home made her feel relief.
Her relief was replaced by confusion when she first saw Babamukuru’s huge house. It was so big that she not able to believe it thought that garage was a main house. She asked herself “ …Babamukuru was a big-hearted man? That didn’t make me anything special. Or even deserving” She realised that it all wasn’t done to pleasure her. She is only at the mission because her brother,Nhamo, died. Probably Babamukuru was feeling guilty for Nhamo’s death , because it was his responsibility to keep an eyes on him. He couldn’t just get over it especially when he gave a word to help Tambu’s family with their unacceptably low money situation.
Knowing those facts Tambu felt depressed and at some moment she just wanted to turn back home. However it didn’t take much time for her to raise a fist and put herself condition that if she got this opportunity to be on the mission, no matter how it did happen, she must take as much as she can out of it.
Tambu feels some kind of shock after everything she sees next. She is overwhelmed with the emotions when she steps into Babamukuru’s house. Everyone is happy to see her.Even Naisha jumps on her with a big hug, but at same time...


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