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Boron Ore Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2014 – 2020

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Boron Ore Market - Global Industry
Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends,
And Forecast 2014 – 2020

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Boron is a chemical element with atomic number 5 and symbol B. Boron is said to be a low abundance element in both
the Earth’s crust and solar system, as it is produced directly by cosmic ray spallation and not by stellar nucleosynthesis.
Boron is concentrated on Earth owing to water solubility of the naturally occurring compounds such as borate minerals.
These minerals are industrially mined as evaporates that include kernite and borax.
Metalloid, which is chemically uncombined boron is found in meteoroids in very small amounts but is not found naturally
on earth. The pure form of boron tends to form refractory materials that contain minute amounts of carbon or other
elements. Several allotropes of boron such as crystalline boron and amorphous boron are hard and poor conductor at
room temperature. Elemental boron is used in the semiconductor industry as a dopant. Around 200 naturally occurring
boron containing minerals exist on the earth among which the commercially important and frequently used mineral are
colemanite, tincal, kernite and ulexite. These ores can be refined into its pure chemical compounds such as boric acid,
anhydrous borax, anhydrous boric acid, borax decahydrate and sodium pentahydrate among others. Some of the
commercially important boron minerals include datolite, kernite, ulexite, hydroboracite, tincal and colemanite among


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