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Cis 502 Technical Paper Week 10 Assignment Risk Assessment

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CIS 502 Technical Paper Week 10 Assignment Risk Assessment

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CIS 502 Technical Paper Week 10 Assignment Risk Assessment

CIS 502 Technical Paper – Week 10 Assignment Risk Assessment

CIS 502 Week 10 Technical Paper
Technical Paper: Risk Assessment
Global Finance, Inc.
Internet OC193 10Gbps
Remote Dial UpUsers
OC193 10Gbps
Border (Core) Routers
Distribution Routers
VPN Gateway
Printers Mgmt (x3)
Credit Dept
Accounting Worstations Printers
Worstations (x5)
LoanDept WorstationsPrinters
10 Gbps
10 Gbps
Oracle 9i DB Server
10 Gbps
Access Layer VLAN Switch
10 Gbps
10 Gbps
Exchange 2000 Email
Worstations (x10)Printers
Worstations (x49) Printers
Customer Services Worstations
Printers (x3)
SUS Server
Off-Site Office VPN Gateway
Intranet Web Server
Internal DNS
File and Print Server
Workstations (x7)
Trusted Computing Base Internal Network
Global Finance, Inc. Network Diagram
Above is the Global Finance, Inc. (GFI) network diagram. GFI has grown rapidly this past year and acquired many network devices as displayed in the diagram. The company invested in the network and designed it to be fault tolerant and resilient from any network failures. However, although the company’s financial status has matured and its network has expanded at a rapid pace, its network security has not kept up with the company growth.
GFI’s network is fairly stabilized as it has not experienced many outages due to network failures. GFI has hired three (3) network engineers to keep up with the network growth and the bandwidth demand by the company employees and the clients. However, the company has not hired...


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