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Identify the Authenticity of Fag Bearings 10 Coup

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1, see FAG bearings identity. Some parts have marked some formal notation, such as marking the top gear assembly marking markings used to ensure that parts are properly installed, can not buy.

2, see FAG Bearings colors. Some original parts surface to specify a color, in case of other colors, for the counterfeit spare parts.

3, see FAG Bearings appearance. Genuine Parts outer printing or cast of characters and marking a clear formal, and counterfeit products look rough.

4, watching paint. Unscrupulous traders will scrap parts by simple processing, such as demolition, equipment, fight, Minato, painting and other processing, and then posing as qualified products sold illegally acquired high profits.

5, see FAG bearings texture. Genuine Parts material is according to design requirements defective materials, counterfeit products are mostly inexpensive substitute inferior materials.

6, see the gaps. Regular assembly members must complete and intact, in order to ensure a smooth installation and normal operation. Some individual small parts missing equipment assembly member, is generally "parallel imports", which cause difficulties to the installation. Often due to individual small parts shortages, causing the whole assembly of parts scrapped.

7, see FAG bearings storage. Auto parts if dry, oxidation, discoloration or other problems of aging, which may be in poor storage environment, long storage time, the material itself causes poor.

8, see FAG bearings engagement. If the clutch plate rivets loose brake hose unglued, electrical parts joint sealing off the paper filter seams disengagement other phenomenon can not be used.

9, see FAG Bearings packaging. Genuine Parts packaging is generally more standardized, unified standard, marking the formal writing clear, and relatively poor packaging and printing counterfeit products often can easily find the flaws from the packaging.

10, see FAG bearings processes. Inferior product appearance sometimes is...


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