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The Nature of the Noise Fag Bearings What

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The nature of the noise FAG Bearings is that the use of modern processing technology to produce the bearing still occur, FAG bearing noise decide on the structure itself.
The nature of the impact of noise can be divided into three types of sound and sound jarring sound raceway, rolling elements, as described below:

(1) rolling sound and control FAG bearing raceway sound when FAG bearing operation, a continuous sound slippery rolling body raceway rolling issued, all rolling bearings peculiar occur The basic sound. General bearing raceway sound that is sound with other sounds. Ball bearing raceway sound is irregular, the frequency of 1000Hz or more, it is not the main frequency change with the speed, but the overall sound pressure level increases with speed accelerated. Sound of a large roller bearings, the rolling sound pressure level decreases with increasing viscosity; and sound of a small roller bearings, the level increased in viscosity to about 20mm2 / s or more, by a decrease in transfer to be increased. FAG bearing rigidity, the lower the total sound pressure level raceway. The radial clearance is too small, total sound pressure level raceway and the main frequency will decrease as the radial clearance increased dramatically. Control raceway sound methods are: selection of low-noise namely waviness FAG Bearings FAG Bearings small, carefully selected conditions of use. Often affect the entire raceway mechanical sound noise, sound reduction roller can reduce the overall mechanical noise.

Impact sound and control (2) rolling the larger models of ball bearings or cylindrical roller FAG Bearings low speed in a pure radial load, because the centrifugal force of the rolling element is small, in the non-load zone of rolling element on It will impact the cage or raceway and noisy. However, the higher the speed, the sound will disappear. The method of controlling the impact of sound rolling elements are: appropriate to reduce the radial clearance, the use of a...


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