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Sand About How to Deal with Rust

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iron oxide in the air in case of rust, sand blasting how? Ltd Sand Making Machine. Zhengzhou to treasure hunt. Zhengzhou, Ltd. is specialized in producing crushing equipment, sand equipment, processing equipment manufacturers. Sand blasting method provided by the company include chemical rust, small pneumatic or electric blasting, high pressure water mill rust, oxidation paint smear four methods. Let's get to know to understand what these four methods.

1) chemical rust: the use of an acid and a metal oxide chemical reaction, thereby removing a sand blasting method of corrosion products of the metal surface.

2) small pneumatic or electric rust: mainly powered by electricity or compressed air, blasting assembly appropriate means for reciprocating movement or rotational movement to suit the requirements of various occasions rust. Such as angle grinders, wire brushes, pneumatic Needle Scaler, wind knock rust hammers, gear type rotary rust, etc., are semi-mechanized equipment, tools, lightweight, great maneuverability, can more thoroughly to rust , old coatings, the coating can be roughened treatment, but can not reach the quality of the surface treatment quality, efficiency lower than the injection process. In any part of the use, especially widely used in ship repair process.

3) high-pressure water abrasive blasting: the use of high pressure water jet impact action and the role of water damage pry rust and coating adhesion to steel. It features no dust pollution, no damage to steel Sand Making Machine, rust greatly improve efficiency, up to 15m2 / h or more, good quality rust. However, after the steel rust rust easily return shall be coated with a special paint wet rust, have a greater impact on the general performance of the coating of paint.

4) Apply paint oxidation: iron products coated with mineral oil, or baked enamel paint, spray and so on. In the steel surface by plating, Redu the like rust coated with a layer of metal, such as zinc, tin,...


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