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Introduction to Computing

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Fall 2015
Intstructor: Mehreen Saeed
Email: mehreen.saeed@nu.edu.pk
Course website: https://sites.google.com/site/icsfast2015/
Discussion forum: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/icsfast2015
Office hours: Mon:10:00-12:00, Tue,Thu: 1:00-2:00

About the course:
Introduction to computing is the first computer science core course taken by first year BS CS students.   The course will introduce you to problem solving, logic building and algorithm writing.   It is also the first introductory course to programming using C++.   We will be developing small programs and working out the logic for small games in this course.   Inshallah, you will have a lot of fun in this course and enjoy programming.

Text book for C++ programming:
  1. C++ How to program? Deitel & Deitel
  2. Introduction to C++ Programming, by D.S. Malik

Reference book:
  1. Theory and Problems of Programming with C++ by John R. Hubbard, 2nd Edition
  2. Programming and Problem Solving with C++, Nell Dale (Chapters 1 & 2)

      * Course objectives:
      * This course has the following objectives:
  * Provide an overview of the general area of computer science, its history and its applications
  * Introduce the notion of algorithms and develop problem solving and logic building skills in students
  * Introduce the basic concepts of programming in C++, including basic data types, expressions, assignments, iterations, functions and arrays

      * Grading scheme:
Quizzes/ Project   | 10+10 |
Midterms   | 30 |
Final Exam | 40 |
Assignments | 10 |

Passing criteria:
      * Minimum requirement to be eligible to pass this course is to get at least 50% marks in the course. All CS department's grading policies apply.  
      * Course outcomes:
      * Following are the important outcomes of the course.   A student:
  * Should be able to convert between binary, decimal and hexadecimal system


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