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Understanding Human Sexuality

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“Understanding Human Sexuality” – SOC 2003

Personal Journal 2 – 2015W

Due by 4:00 pm April 22nd , 2015 

I do not accept assignments late, 
nor do I accept journals via email. 

You are to respond honestly and completely to each of the questions in the journal. It is important that I will be able to understand your point of view on each and every question - so short 'Yes' or 'No' responses will not suffice. ( Place your response in the ‘Answer’ section indicated.) Give examples and details to support your responses.

Give examples and details to support your responses. 

Only disclose within the bounds of your personal comfort level, and rest assured that I am the only person who has access to your comments.
If you do not understand a question, contact me for clarification prior to the deadline. 

I STRONGLY suggest that you do NOT leave this assignment to the last minute - as this journal exercise is a very important tool in your semester exploration of understanding human sexuality.


Chapter 10 Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirth
1) Web site Question: Where should the line be drawn in determining how far medical science should go in reproductive technologies to assist couples to have children?
Answer: I believe the line should be drawn when an ethical decision needs to be made. I don’t believe it’s wrong to use science to reproduce if other means are not working but I think where the lines start to blur are when science is used to not only assist in having children but also choosing their favourable genetics just because we can now. Many people use these methods because they are their only option which I think is perfectly fine and their courage and commitment should be recognized, however there are families who abuse this technology and use the opportunity to create “the perfect child”. I think it’s wrong to manipulate the DNA of a child but I see nothing wrong in using science in help those who want to bring children...


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