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Phi 210 Final Exam All Correct Answers

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PHI 210 Final Exam All Correct Answers
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PHI 210 Final Exam All Correct Answers
(1) A student is designing an experiment to find out if the following statement is true: “If you get at least six hours of sleep you will do better in class than if you get less than six hours of sleep.” The statement is an example of a(n):
(2) Which of the following would be considered to be based on pseudoscience?
(3) Jacob is afraid of dogs because he was attacked by one as a child. This is an example of a(n):
(4) Many accepted explanations begin as:
(5) A set of statements designed to convince others that an action or idea is right or wrong is a type of:
(6) All of these statements demonstrate the use of a euphemism, except:
(7) Which statement BEST describes the relationship between defining terms and clear thinking?
(8) A reader analyzes the four categories of meaning in order to:
(9) They saw the woman with the binoculars” is an example of which type of ambiguity?
(10) Select the list of terms that are often used as qualifiers or “weasel words”:
(11) Your company is operating as a subcontractor on a large government contract. The government decides to request proposals for another upcoming project. Your boss asks you to submit a proposal on behalf of your company, knowing it would violate the current agreement with the primary contractor. If you do what your boss says because he is your boss, you are operating under which moral theory?
(12) Consider the following argument:
Premise: Michael took an apple from the farm stand.
Premise: Stealing is wrong.
Conclusion: Therefore, Michael was wrong for stealing the apple.
The statement, “stealing is wrong” is an example of which of the following?
(13) What makes an argument an ethical...


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