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Eng 221 Entire Course Version 5 Technical Writing Fundamentals

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ENG 221 Entire Course Version 5 Technical Writing Fundamentals
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ENG 221 Entire Course.
ENG 221 Week 1 DQs.

What are the four main purposes of technical writing?   What is the goal of informative writing? What is the aim of instructional writing? What is the purpose of reference writing? What is the aim of persuasive writing? When should a document be delivered online?

You are the team leader of a work project at Gulfview Architectural and Engineering Services. The team has been involved in this project for a year. During the year, the team has met weekly, every Wednesday at 8:00 A.M. It is now time to assess the team’s successes and areas needing improvement.
Your goal will be to recommend changes as needed before the team begins its second year on this project. You have encountered the following problem:
• Sharon Mitchell, almost never provides her input during the meetings. She will e-mail comments later or talk to people during breaks. Her comments are valid and on-topic, but not everyone gets to hear what she says.
How will you handle this challenge? Try this approach:
• Analyze the problem(s). To do so, brainstorm. What gaps might exist causing these problems?
• Invent or envision solutions. How would you solve the problems? Consider Human Performance Improvement issues, as discussed in this chapter.
• Plan your approach. To do so, establish verifiable measures of success (including time frames and quantifiable actions).

ENG 221 Week 1 Individual Workplace Communication Comparison.

ENG 221 Week 2 DQs.

What is intellectual property? What do intellectual property laws define? What are the categories of intellectual property protections? What international treaties are in...


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