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Counselors Shrinked

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After studying and exploring various types of professional helping techniques and theories, I would have to agree with the Corey text that personal counseling for the counselor is a good idea and should be done.   It should be done as either part of their training and educational process, or should be done because they seek the help of an experienced counselor for personal issues they may face.   The reasons I would agree to this idea of counseling the counselor can be looked at from multiple angles.   The two I would consider to be the biggest angels for agreeing with the Corey text is because I believe it can aid in their overall training by getting to experience the process first hand from the other end of the spectrum.   They will be able to experience some of the same emotions and struggles that a client may be faced with when having to bring up certain feelings and thoughts that otherwise they may have suppressed if not forced to bring out.   Getting the opportunity to explore who you are and become more self-aware will allow a person to be more confident in their abilities to assist those in need. Recognizing strengths and weakness from within can only make a counselor more relatable and trustworthy, which in my opinion is key to a successful client to counselor relationship.  
My second reason for agreeing with the Corey text is if a counselor has problems in his or hers own life that haven’t been dealt with appropriately, how are they expected to help someone else with the same problems or issues.   The counselor doesn’t get to pick and choose the problems that their clients may be faced with, so making sure you are mentally and emotionally prepared to handle anything that may come up during a session is very important.   It would be hypocritical of the counselor to aid the client with a problem that they themselves are going through.   It’s almost impossible to think someone can give productive therapy sessions to someone who is going through something that you...


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