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Children Must Helps Their Parents at Home

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Nowadays, raising children has been the concerns of all mankind because this period can determine the rest of their lives later. In fact, it is very essential for everyone to have both mother and father. Therefore, I support the idea that children should be raised in a home with two parents.

First of all, a child needs not only the mother but also the father. One of both plays a different role in raising their children. A child often wants to have her mother to talk about private problems such as her boyfriend, her class and so on. Besides, mother is always the person who understands her children most. Similarly, father can teach children about many things about the world and the life. Also, children want to play several games with their father such as football, baseball or just walking together. Thus, both of them are important in their children’s developments. Actually, receiving love from two people is always better than only one because love is endless and never sufficient with one’s desire.

Furthermore, raising by two parents also means that a child has a more stable finance to develop. As children need to study and live in a comfortable environment, their parents must have enough money for them to develop their mental as well as physical conditions. Thus, two people always make more money than only one. As a result, children can expose all their potentials as much as possible.

Finally, the lack of love from mother or father may hurt a child’s mind. For example, a little boy lives with his mother because his parents divorced. Then, whenever he goes to school, he hears his friends talk about their father and their families’ happy moments. Thus, he will feel sad and want to have father just like other children. In some cases, he feels unconfident and hesitates to make friends with others because he is afraid of others’ mock.

To sum up, I think it is better for children to be raised by two parents for above reasons. A typical family always has...


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