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Of Mice and Men

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George Milton
May 5
It’s been a whole god dang month since it happened n’ the guys won’t hear another word ‘bout it so I’m goin’ to write in this here book ‘cause I think I’m going to go crazy if I don’t get this off a my chest one way or another.
I think “at Curley thought I’d done it “cause I’s on his side, but I done it “cause Lennie’d be better off this way. I shot him right in the back a the neck jus’ like Kandy’s dog had been, with no quiverin’ or pain. If the rest of the men had shown up before I got the chance to shoot ‘im, he could a been put in some sort a jail, he could a been hurt real bad, or, even worse, been killed in some sort a terrible way.
I feel right ‘bout it ‘cause this should a been done way before it got this far. He was never all there an’ he caused a lot of people and things sufferin’. Lately he caused a women an’ a pup their lives jus’ ‘cause he didn’t understand. An’ since he was insane he’d beat himself up like crazy too. Sometimes I’s just be goin’ along with my day an’ hear Lennie talkin’, an’ if I asked he’d say his aunt Clara was mad at him or somthin’ an he would have a bad day jus’ “cause a that.
I know I’d done the right thing but I still feel wrong ‘bout it. Keep makin’ ideas in my head ‘bout what I could a done instead, even though I know this was the right way to go about it. Keep feelin’ like I coulda treated him better an’ made him feel a little more wanted. Jee’, I remember tellin’ him how easy my life could be without him, can’t believe I said such a thing! I should a never left him alone, even just to play dang game a horseshoes! Now I miss the fella terribly. What was I thinkin’?
At this point, I don’t really know what to think ‘bout what I done, but what I do know is that in the end it was better for Lennie. He had no sufferin’ an’ no fear put into him, an’ this way he got a think ‘bout things like rabbits an’ things that make him happy before he bit the dust. All I know is, wherever he is now, it’s a hell of a...


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