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Should Children Be Encouraged to Competite or Co-Operate?

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Nowadays ,many parents encourage their children to develop a sense of competition in the childhood ,while others place more significance on children’s cooperation .

A sense of competition can give motivations constantly to children. Confronted with competition from their infancy ,these children are more prepared for unpredictable challenges as well as more fierce situation in their career .To some degree ,competition means a comparison ,through which children can evaluate themselves and make corresponding adjustments .As it is an age of efficiency ,much emphasis is placed on the individual qualification in employment .The transparent recruitment process contributes to more fair but fiercer competition .To adapt to the circumstance ,young people have to gain an awareness of competition as early as possible .

However ,the advocates of cooperation may criticise the increasing pressure caused by ceaseless competition ,which usually leads to a series of health problems like hypertension ,depression etc.Cooperation can give access to collective intelligence and creativity ,promoting the efficiency of production .Because of this advantage ,more and more employers require a sense of cooperation among candidates when recruiting .In contrast to competition ,the result of cooperation can be mutual winning ,which is beneficial to both sides and causes no moral burdens of defeating rivals .Moreover , people can also learn from others’ strengths and overcome their own weakness through working together .

As far as I am concerned ,children should be encouraged to cooperate with each other rather than compete in every respect .Since making comparisons tend to be human nature ,it seems more necessary to instil a sense of sharing and cooperation into children .


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