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How to Choose Coal Fired Boiler

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How to choose coal fired boiler
The selection of coal fired boiler according to certain elements, not randomly selected. It chooses
to think about the current elements: 1. From using thinking condition 2. Thinking from the use of
From the using condition of thinking. If be used in the liquid phase system, generally should
choose the boiling point higher than that of using temperature heat conduction oil, due to the
higher boiling point, its movement in the lower the vapor pressure, convenient use up; If be in the
gas phase under the conditions of use, should be selected in the use of appropriate temperature,
vapor pressure and 0.098 ~ 0.294 MPa (1 ~ 3 KGF/cm) within the scope of the heat conduction oil,
such as biphenyl and diphenyl ether eutectic mixture of heat conduction oil.
From the use of temperature. On the basis of using the temperature selected appropriate heat
conduction oil. If the use of temperature during 350 ~ 400 ℃ , should choose biphenyl and
diphenyl ether low fusion hybrid heat conduction oil; Using the temperature at 300 ~ 350 ℃
should think about when choosing alkyl benzene, dibenzyl toluene or hydrogenated terphenyls
heat conduction oil; Use of temperature during 250 ~ 300 ℃, can think picking alkyl nai, benzyl
toluene and alkyl benzene type heat conduction oil; If applied under 250 ℃ , the selected offer
relatively low heat conduction oil type.

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