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The Main Role of a University Professor Is to Educate Students Rather Than to Do Research.

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Universities are places where foundations of academic study are cultivated and it is no questions that professors play an important role in the education quality at the university. Among the tasks that professors undertake every day, researching and teaching activities take up most of their time. Some people would say, compared with researching, that teaching is what professors should focus more energy on. However, my view is that the allocation of professors' time energy depends on different academic fields.

Consider the major of sports activities. For those students majoring in horizontal bar and parallel bar gymnastics, daily physical practice is indispensable for their learning process. Imagine students practicing this alone, while their professors are concentrating on researches. The consequences would be serious. Without timely supervision and proper instruction, students would either go astray on their exercising methods, or even worse, injure themselves and possibly even terminating their future career.

The same logic can be also applied to majors in foreign language. Students from the foreign language department have to practice language skills intensely, like pronunciation, spoken language, and written language. What a professor needs to do in classes for this major is monitor the student's daily progress and performance. For instance, they should correct mistakes in students' pronunciation, help student finish dialog practice and teach students the mechanisms of writing, such as structure, rhetoric device and vocabulary in context. If professor are stuck in their offices doing research, they are not exactly working towards the students' best interests.

However, in majors like physics and chemistry, the story is totally different. Professors in these majors need the most current information through research to deliver useful knowledge to their students. For instance, apart from fundamental knowledge, physical students must access the latest...


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