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Written Task 1 Part 4

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Written task – Bruce – IB1
For part four of the English language and literature course, we studied Heart of Darkness in class. The written task I will be writing is going to be based on the idea of racism in the novella. I will be writing a blog post concerning the racist qualities that might be found anywhere in the book.
The point of view through which I shall be writing is a total outsider who is not in the story. I think that by writing from this point of view, the audience can better relate to my understanding of the text because the readers are also spectators who are not involved in the story at all. The tone that I will use in the blog would be informative and instructive. The target audience that I have in mind is the people who like to read about certain surprising topics in books such as this disturbing idea of racism in the Heart of Darkness. The learning outcome in my written task would be to explore a literary work in detail, specifically the idea of racism. Using evidence borrowed from the text, I hope to clearly explain in detail how black people are treated, viewed and also how they behave in the book. The idea of slavery also comes into this topic a little bit. All in all, using these essentials, I feel I can reach the purpose set out in the task.
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Written task:
Is Heart of Darkness a RACIST Novella?
Heart of Darkness is such an amazing novella, so highly original and influential for the English speaking world, that there has been a laborious and long lasting debate over whether or not there is much, if any at all, racism in the novella. In other words, I mean to say that does the book, even when not related to the characters in it, communicate the idea of racism? Either that or does any piece of racism in the novella show the racist side of Joseph Conrad? This great book was one of the first chief written works about colonialism. It might seem a bit obvious that the book was written from the point of view of a foreigner, a...


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