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In Twenty Years, There Will Be Fewer Cars in Use Than There Are Today

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Since China opened its economy to the world in 1980s, More and more metropolises have emerged. Those of big cities are respectively Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and so forth. So those population of   city mostly is more than 10 million people averagely. What a big population lead to traffic jams and limited parking areas. Because of huge amounts of the cars give off unanticipated lots of noxious gas which includes sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide and hydrocarbon and carbon oxide as well as carbon dioxide   attributes to greenhouse lead to the global warm issues. With respect to these environment problems,Chinese government   starts to restrict cars sales or reduce the sales. I believe that there are fewer cars in future than there are   today. Instead, there more mass transportation vehicles will run the city.   explanation of the details are following below
As we know, Beijing city firstly restricts the car purchasing because the sky of Beijing is covered by smog. Every one take the mask to go work during the smog day.Now the environment issues are critical. Lug become weak and illness because of so called smog air. People can not enjoy blue sky, even one time blue sky day or two times blue sky days per month become much more precious. So cut the numbers of the cars in the city is most useful method to solve the smog issues as well as make sky cleanness. Little by little, most people would accept this policy in order retrieve the blue sky in Beijing. Also more and more subways and electronic buses will instead of the cars as the clean public vehicles which take people to work everyday.
Furthermore,The territory of big city become more and more limited. One park lot cost minimum 1USD per hour in average. It will let more drivers give up the cars because of high expense fees. For example,the car owner must pay 200 USD per month for parking, maintenance and traffic punishment as well as there are a lot of traffic congestions   block you to arrive at...


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