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People Today Spend Too Much Time on Personal Enjoyment Doing Things They Like to Do Rather Than Doing Things They Should Do.

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21st century is the information time. Internet enriches people’s life and enlivens business. So more and more people do what they like and make sense of enjoyment. But meanwhile they also forget the what they should do, In other word, They forget what their responsibilities are.So I firmly agree with the statements people today spend too much time on personal enjoyment doing things they like to do rather than doing things they should do.Below discussion will tell you what happen to it.

First of all, There are lot of people play the games in all the time, Sometimes they forget what time they are supposed to learn their own lessons. So they fall down because they don't   spend much time on their classes they need to prepare.While most of their time that they use is spending on electronic games. This is a result why they do not have good credit on their subject.Enjoyment ruin their mundane life, Once they touches the game, they forget any other important things, for example reading, writing and listening english. As the time passed, they lost opportunities to do their needed thing with their obligation.

Moreover, Interesting become the engine power of the people activities. So if the people like what they do, they will enthusiastically do it. Sometimes, they should   do what they need to do, but they don't do it.For instance, one student likes sport, when they are in physical class, the student is enjoying a lot about this class because the student likes the sports. While one student don't like sport, the student will not pay attention to it.So people try to do what they attract according to the enjoyment.

To sum it up, People always do what they like. If without the interesting about their subject, People will feel tedious and so stark then they will lost energy to learn or engage in it. It had better combine what you should do and what you enjoy as one thing.If like that,you will enjoy what you do.


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