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Cs263 Entire Course Programming in C

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CS263 Entire Course Programming in C

CS263 Discussion Module 1 Programming in C

Explain the difference between using an algorithm and pseudo code.

CS263 Discussion Module 2 Programming in C

What are comments? Why comments are included in programs? Are they necessary for an production environment? Explain

CS263 Discussion Module 3 Programming in C

Why should you not use an external file name in any place other than the open statement?

CS263 Discussion Module 4 Programming in C

The three basic control structures are sequence, selection, and repetition.   Pick one and discuss it.

CS263 Discussion Module 5 Programming in C

What is a function? State the advantages in using a function. What is the difference between system defined and user defined functions?

CS263 Discussion Module 6 Programming in C

1.   What is the difference between static and register variables? Give at least one example.

CS263 Discussion Module 7 Programming in C

How are arrays processed?   Explain with an example.

CS263 Discussion Module 8 Programming in C

1. What did you find difficult in doing this project?
2. What would you have done differently?

CS263 Module 1 Assignment Programming in C

Write an algorithm to compute the volume of water in cubic feet, flowing through a pipe of diameter d in feet, with a velocity of v feet per second.   The formula to compute the volume flow rate per second is given by:

CS263 Module 2 Assignment Programming in C

Programming Exercise #5 on p. 127 of the textbook Write a program to calculate the volume flow rate in cubic feet per second of water flowing through a pipe of diameter d in inches and a velocity of v feet per second.   The formula for the flow rate is given by:   Where area =   in square feet

CS263 Module 3 Assignment Programming in C

Written Assignment: Input and output functions...


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