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Soc 100 Final Exam 100% Correct Answers

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SOC 100 Final Exam 100% Correct Answers

• Question 1

A group’s national origin, language, and cultural or religious practices are referred to as:

• Question 2

Less powerful groups who are dominated politically and economically by a dominant group are referred to as:

• Question 3
Which of the following would be considered the most tolerant policy used toward a minority group?

• Question 4

The study of communities and their social status, practices, and problems to under-stand patterns of health and disease is referred to as:

• Question 5

The coexistence of different racial and ethnic groups characterized by acceptance and respect for one another’s differences is referred to as:

• Question 6

How early do sociologists believe parents begin socializing their children into gender?

• Question 7

Standpoint epistemology, a philosophical perspective that what we can know is af-fected by the position we occupy in society, is a major tenet of:

• Question 8

The difference between the earnings of women who work full-time year round as a group and men who work full-time year round as a group is called:

• Question 9
Women’s inequality is primarily the result of imperfect institutions, which can be cor-rected by reforms that do not fundamentally alter society itself. This statement reflects the beliefs of:

• Question 10
Patriarchy refers to:

• Question 11

When two or more people live together and have a legally or normatively recognized relationship, this is an example of which of the following social institutions?

• Question 12
Social groups consisting of one or more parents, children, and other kin, often span-ning several generations, living in the same household are referred to as:

• Question 13
Marriages may be legitimized by which of the following?

• Question 14
Families characterized by parents living with...


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