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Infa 610 Final Exam Solutions

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INFA 610 Final Exam Solutions

INFA 610 Final Exam Solutions

Part 1: Short discussion, determine if each of the following questions is true or false and defend your position in a brief discussion if you think it is necessary. Write your answer, T or F, to each question in the following Answer Table.   (10 questions at 1.5 points each, 15 points totally)

1. Deleting the browsing history and cookies in a computer system can be the way to completely delete the recently visited sites.

2. A Denial-of-Service attack does not require the attacker to penetrate the target’s security defenses.

3. The biggest advantage of public-key cryptography over secret-key cryptography is in the area of key management/key distribution.

4. When it comes to the ethics of a particular situation, there is only one right answer.

5. A one-time pad is a safe house used only once by an undercover agent.

6. In terms of privacy laws, companies have advantage over the government in terms of the types of data that a company can collect.

7. Consider data that is stored over time in a mandatory access control based system. The contents of files containing highly classified (“top secret”) information are not necessarily more trustworthy than material stored in files marked unclassified

8. A hash algorithm uses a one-way cryptographic function, whereas both secret-key and public-key systems use two-way (i.e., reversible) cryptographic functions.

9. 3DES (Triple DES) requires the use of three independent keys.

10. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) provide no protection from internal threats.

Part 2: Multiple Choice Questions. In some cases you may need to select more than one of the options. If you select “None of the above” you need to list the correct answer. (Do not simply select either all of the above or none of the above). (Scored as 3 points...


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